SSL on submission port

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SSL on Submission port

Just trying some things out here I noticed that Outlook Express and qmail-toaster in ssl/require auth mode are not very compatible.

Have not figured out what exactly goes wrong, but it seems OE never gets to auth itself. Debugging SSL encrypted sessions is a bit dificult .... It does work with the Mail program from Vista.

Looking for ways to solve this, since using SSL on the submission port is pretty much required for security reasons I did find a way.

You have to use sslserver from ucspi-ssl ( .

Change the smtp-submission run script by adding

export CERTFILE="/var/qmail/control/servercert.pem"

export KEYFILE=""

export DHFILE=""

and change tcpserver in sslserver

At least that works here :) If anyone has a rpmish version of ucspi-ssl or a simular program please report!