Rebuilding cdb files

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Rebuilding cdb files

I cannot seem to remember the commands to rebuild the cdbs, so I bashed one up to do it for me, automagically...put it in /etc/cron.hourly...this way all your cdbs are never more than an hour old.

#rebuilds simcontrol.cdb
sleep 2
#rebuilds simversions.cdb
/var/qmail/bin/simscanmk -g
sleep 2
#rebuilds badloadertypes--rare-ok to comment out
sleep 2
#rebuilds badmimetypes--rare-ok to comment out
sleep 2
#rebuilds tcp.smtp and reloads new configs
qmailctl cdb

WORKSFORME. (don't forget to chmod +x the file you save that as, like I did)

Note, as of QmailToaster v1.3,

# qmailctl cdb

does it all, so there's no more need for this.

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