Disabling Spam checking for a particular address or domain

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This tip shows how to disable Spam processing using simscan in your toaster.

I added this tip after needing to disable spam checking for a given domain. I had a program which automatically generated emails for events and sent them using a perl script. The perl smtp module was not sending a header that Spam Assasin liked so every mail sent was being tagged as spam. Here are the steps I used to quit processing mails sent from this domain.

First I located the simcontrol file at /var/qmail/control. The default file looked like this:


I edited the file to look like this:



After saving the file, I ran this command to rebuild the simcontrol.cdb:

service qmail cdb

If I wanted to just stop spam processing for a single user I would have put:



Detailed info about the simcontrol file and how to implement this can also be found at

The Simscan Page on this site