Scanning External non locally hosted domains

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Scanning External non locally hosted domains

Thanks to Erik Espinoza for these details.

To scan an external domain or do a 3rd party spamassassin scanning service it is really rather easy. Follow the steps below.
  • 1.Have Domain X's MX record changed to point to the spamassassin server.
  • 2.On SA server, add Domain X's Domain to the /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts file.
  • 3.ON SA server add the receiving server's address for Domain X to the smtproutes file. Example format (tailor to suit your situation): smtp-auth-user smtp-auth-password
  • 4.Restart Qmail, and assuming this is a working system, mails for DomainX will be routed through your SA server and then deliverd to domainx's server.

Mail sent to incorrect users will possibly result in a double bounce, but in my tests the original sender just receives the one bounce with the bounce details.

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