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Welcome to Qmailtoaster's Wiki page.



Welcome to the Qmailtoaster wiki. Qmailtoaster is designed to be very stable and easy enough to install that even an inexperienced Linux user can install, operate, and maintain a full blown Qmail MTA.

Everyone is encouraged to find ways to improve Qmailtoaster and to pass their knowledge on to others via the wiki and the email list.

This wiki is maintained by Eric Broch and the rest of the Qmailtoaster community as a means of providing a centralized location for assisting all Qmailtoaster users.


QmaitToaster was conceived by Miguel Beccari in June 2002. At the time, Miguel was an IT for Clikka.Com in Udine Italy. Miguel's goals were to provide a very stable rpm based Qmail MTA, and to build a "Qmailtoaster" community of users to support and develop the Qmailtoaster project.

Subsequent QmailToaster Maintainers

2003-2007, Nick Hemmesch

2006-2007, Erik Espinoza

2007-2011, Jake Vickers

2011-2014, Eric Shubert

2014-Present, Eric Broch

For details on the evolution of the various QMailtoaster packages, see the Change Logs.


QMAIL D. J. Bernstein (

DAEMONTOOLS D. J. Bernstein (

UCSPI-TCP D. J. Bernstein (









  • RPM packages for RHEL 7/8/9 & derivatives (Rocky, Alma, & Springdale)
  • DKIM, SPF and SRS
  • Integrated ClamAV, DSPAM, Rspam, Spamassassin, ClamAV.
  • Warlord virus and worm loader realtime MIME signature scanning
  • CHKUSER 2.0 functions for qmail-smtpd
  • Qmail-Tap provides email archive capability
  • Virtual Domains and Virtual Users using MySQL
  • Autoresponder for vacation/away from office messages
  • Integrated Mailing List (ezmlm)
  • Web-based email: Squirrelmail, Roundcube, Afterlogic, Rainloop.
  • Web-based admin: QmailAdmin
  • Dovecot: POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP and IMAP-SSL
  • Submission port (587) allows roaming users to skip RBL checks and port 25 blocks
  • SMTPS port (465)
  • eMPF patch for advanced policy control over email

Additional Resources

You have found the wiki, congratulations. There is a lot of good information here.

There is a mailing list which is a good source for help.

The mailing list has a searchable archive, and it is available for searching and news access as well from Many questions have been answered in the archive, so please do some searching before asking a question on the list.

There is the chat room #qmailtoaster at You might find help there.

There is a good graphic titled THE BIG Qmail PICTURE available in several formats that explains how qmail works. The author does not indicate that is free to distribute, however it is free for personal use. Get a copy for yourself, as it is a handy reference.

Also grab a copy of Sills' Life with qmail in whatever format you choose. It too is a valuable reference.


RHEL 7 & Derivatives

CentOS 7 QT Install

Patch Current Current MD OpenSSL111

RHEL 8 & Derivatives

Rocky, Alma, Springdale 8 QT Install

Patch Testing

RHEL 9 & Derivatives

Rocky, Alma, Springdale 9 QT Install

Patch Testing






User Tips & Tricks

Change Logs

QMT Wiki





ActiveSync (Z-push)

Wish List